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Oxigene Is One Of The Most Undervalued Cancer Stocks In Biotech Area With A Huge Upside Potential Into A Billion Dollar Market

Oxigene Cancer Combo drug reduced the risk of tumor regrowth or death (progression-free survival) by 32 % compared to Roche's Blockbuster Avastin ( 6 billion sales )!! Oxigene is one of the most undervalued cancer stocks in biotech area with a huge upside potential into a Billion dollar market !! Oxigene is trading at cash flow level with 5 Big Catalyst ahead in the next weeks or Month's !! Oxigene inc Cancer Therapy Provides Multi-Bagger Opportunity , 100% EMA approval based on PFS alone ** the full data NCI/GOG will present 2nd half 2014 for the first time for Avastin in Combination With ZYBRESTAT for Recurrent Ovarian cancer $OXGN listed on ETA 2014 meeting … later come ESMO 2014**** Oxigene Announces Positive Topline Results From Randomized Phase 2 of ZYBRESTAT(R) in Combination With Avastin(R) for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer . On the study's primary endpoint, the combination of Zybrestat and Avastin reduced the risk of tumor regrowth or death (progression-free survival) by 32% compared to Avastin alone. The result was very statistically significant***Roche's Avastin is not approved for ovarian cancer in the U.S.(A Roche spokesman said an FDA submission is planned for later this year.) *** Zybrestat could be extremely helpful to Avastin in gaining FDA approval for ovarian cancer ***Jul 18, 2013 OXIGENE ANNOUNCES GRANTING OF ORPHAN DRUG STATUS IN EUROPE FOR ZYBRESTAT IN OVARIAN CANCER **** Roche's Avastin worldwide sales 2012: $ 6 Billion *** Oxigene inc & GlaxoSmithKline announces ongoing PAZOFOS: Phase Ib and Phase II Trial of Pazopanib Fosbretabulin in Advanced Recurrent Ovarian Cancer *** investors expect here a possible Partnership or Buyout with Novartis or Roche into ZYBRESTAT presentation in the next months *** OXIGENE has a first class VDA Platform and it's still under Investors radar ** Oxigene current M.Cap reflect not their pipeline and potential for ZYBRESTAT(R) in combination with Avastin *** some information for investors -----> over 30 years research support. ZYBRESTAT has 400 patients tested for both safety and efficacy.ZYBRESTAT will be approved for ATC tumor in Europe ****ECYT 25 % progression-free survival 250 Million M cap and Oxigene inc 32% progression-free survival 50 Million M cap with 38 Million Dollar cash on hands *** OXiGENE is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics to treat cancers, such as ovarian and certain thyroid cancers. The Company's major focus is developing vascular disrupting agents (VDAs) that selectively disrupt abnormal blood vessels associated with solid tumors. OXiGENE is dedicated to leveraging its scientific expertise, intellectual property and therapeutic development capabilities to bring life-extending and life-enhancing medicines to patients.*** About VDAs Vascular Disrupting Agents or "VDAs" block blood flow through established tumor blood vessels, thereby starving tumors of oxygen and essential nutrients, leading to tumor cell death.**** The phase II study, conducted by the non-profit Gynecologic Oncology Group, not Oxigene, enrolled 107 women with platinum-sensitive and resistant, recurrent ovarian cancer. The patients were randomized to receive either Roche's Avastin alone, or a combination of Zybrestat and Avastin. On the study's primary endpoint, the combination of Zybrestat and Avastin reduced the risk of tumor regrowth or death (progression-free survival) by 32% compared to Avastin alone. The result was very statistically significant ****Oxigene owns all rights to Zybrestat. ** some facts about Oxigene inc 15.2 Million Shares = 50 Million Market CAP and $38 million Cash !!*** Oxigene inc current market cap reflects not the Cancer Pipeline *** Here's some information taken directly from the OxiGENE BIO CEO Conference presentation. Current chemotherapy is notorious for killing healthy cells along with cancerous ones - The Zybrestat/Avastin combination is designed to change that. Zybrestat kills tumor cells by selectively blocking the blood vessels that carry vital oxygen and nutrients to tumors. Let's keep it simple and give you these Fact Results: One-year survival rate 25.5% vs. 8.7% Median Overall Survival 5.2 vs. 4.0 months (HR 0.72) 25% higher Objective Response rate (20% vs. 16%) VDAs reduced blood flow to the center of the tumors by 70% ***** Abstract VDAs - Oxgn leading the way.. OXi4503 ***** The tumor vasculature of solid tumors offers unique characteristics compared to the normal vasculature and, therefore, represents an attractive target in anti-cancer therapy. Besides the classic anti-angiogenic agents, which inhibit tumor neovascularization, a novel promising class of anti-tumor drugs has emerged in the last years, the vascular-disrupting agents (VDAs). In contrast to angiogenesis inhibitors, VDAs act on already established tumor blood vessels of large solid tumors and induce a vascular shutdown by targeting tumor endothelial cells. This results in extensive necrotic tumor cell death. The sources of VDAs are quite divers, however, the plant-derived compounds represent the largest and most prominent class. Plant-derived VDAs have undergone extensive preclinical investigations and are now tested in several advanced clinical trials. In this review we summarize preclinical data, including drug-target relationships as well as functional in vitro and in vivo assays, discuss their molecular way of action, and update the clinical status of the most prominent plant-derived VDAs: FAA/DMXAA, CA-4-P, OXi4503, AVE8062, and ZD6126. All these data emphasize the value of secondary plant metabolites and their (semi-)synthetic derivatives for current drug discovery. **** for more information please visit

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